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Wound Care Supplies

Wound care supplies typically involve compression dressings and bandages. Hospitals include a variety of medical products including cotton bandages, elastic wrap bandages, and self-adherent wrap bandages which are cohesive and absorbent. We wholesale wound care medical supplies which are available online. We carry woven medical gauze sponges and wraps in both absorbent and non-absorbent types.

Our products are made of such fabrics such as cotton, polyester and rayon. Available packaged in individual non sterile packs. Every wound care supply distributed wholesale and in bulk. Also, non sterile gauze sponges absorb blood and make great dressings. They range of sizes, and types. Our medical tapes are used to secure dressings and tubes to the patient. We make them to be latex-free and hypoallergenic to patient’s skin. The adhesive transparent dressings and surgical tapes are thin and allow the skin to breath.

We carry disposable medical supplies that are primarily used in wound dressings. Medical products such as elastic bandages, surgical tape, medical gauze, and surgical masks are standard wound care supplies. We ship free to all business commercial addresses such as hospitals and medical offices. These healthcare supplies can be delivered to a home for a small surcharge. Thank you for shopping with us for your wound care and surgical supplies online.
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