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Wholesale Sterilization Pouches Sold by Med 101 Offer Significant Cost Savings

Sterilization PouchesSterilization Pouches are used in a wide range of offices and settings, from nail salons to dentist’s offices to hospitals, where the prevention of infection is absolutely essential.  Sterilization pouches are vital to infection control, which protects the health of businesses’ clients and also protects the business from potential lawsuits that could be incurred if infection takes place.

Sterilization pouches are designed to facilitate the proper introduction and evacuation of sterile gases or steam, in order to ensure that the contents are free of any microorganisms when properly sterilized.  Thereafter, they protect the contents from airborne contamination, until such time as they are used.  

However, businesses these days need to watch every penny, and continually purchasing sterilization pouches can become a very big expense. That’s why www.Med101Store.com is committed to providing the highest quality products at extremely competitive prices.
The professionals at Med101Store.com, a leading online wholesaler, have been providing high quality medical supplies and sterilization pouches since 2005. They work directly with manufacturers to eliminate the expense of going through a middleman.

“We have a rigorous selection process, and we only work with manufacturers that meet our exacting standards,” says Joe Giovinco, president of Med101Store.com. “We think of our customers as our family, and we want every item that we sell to be of the same standard that we’d want used on our own family.”

Professional's Choice pouches have been developed, utilizing the highest grade of medical kraft paper and film, to allow for ease of opening, as well as to preclude fiber tear and/or film fracturing.

Their sterilization pouches utilize a solid bar seal made from durable materials which reduce the possibility of tearing. The sterilization pouches are also equipped with a transparent blue film that assists in the detection of tears, as an extra measure of protection against contamination.  The solid bar seal makes detection of imperfect seals more obvious.

The superior quality of their sterilization pouches has made them a popular choice at hospitals, physician’s offices, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, medical facilities in the correctional system, and in numerous other settings.

Also, their pouches, unlike the majority of their competitors, are manufactured in North America.  Their production facility is ISO certified and FDA inspected and approved.  

To further insure top quality, they print their paper, laminate their film and manufacture all of their products in-house.  This gives them complete quality control.

Those seeking more information about the wholesale sterilization pouches available through Med 101 may visit them online at www.Med101Store.com.
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