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Wholesale Medical Supplies

Find wholesale medical supplies at a fraction of a cost when purchasing in bulk. Med101Store offers huge discounts on disposable medical supplies for hospitals, dental offices, and more. Our products are perfect for durable medical equipment stores, medical offices and many others.
You can start saving today by purchasing bulk wholesale medical supplies. If you need to purchase medical products for a dentist, doctor’s office, veterinarian offices, hospitals, clinics, orthopedic office, or podiatry office, then you are at the right place!

We wholesale disposable dental supplies to our customers online at our website. We are able to discount wholesale dental supplies, such as non skid shoe covers, sold on our site because our customers purchase in bulk. This works well for office managers who seek hospital supplies, medical office supplies, podiatry supplies, physician supplies, and orthopedic supplies. Med 101 wholesale medical supplies are delivered free of charge and we never force a minimum order. Only shipping our products to a residence is there a small surcharge.

Disposable medical supplies, such as our gauze sponges, elastic bandages, surgical masks, surgical tape, and shoe covers, are purchased regularly over time. This is how we save you money. We do not supply a large variety of medical equipment, but over time we save you thousands of dollars on these highly consumed medical products. Our wholesale medical supplies include cohesive bandages, surgical face masks, athletic tape, non skid shoe covers and more. Also, we sell wholesale medical supplies to correctional facilities, hospitals, podiatrists, and medical offices.
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