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Defend LogoHere are some wholesale dental supplies at a fraction of the cost. When dental offices are purchasing in bulk, Med 101 offers huge discounts on a wide variety of disposable dental supplies to hospitals and dental offices. These disposable products are perfect for dental offices, dental labs, and many more in the medical industry. A dentist will start saving today by purchasing wholesale dental supplies in bulk. If you need to purchase medical products for a doctor’s office, hospital, or dental clinic, then you are at the right place!

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By wholesaling disposable dental supplies online at our website, we save health care professionals money and time. We are able to discount many of these products, such as such as dental gauze sponges, Dental Impression Material, dental bibs, Sterilization Pouches, dental wipes, bite registration material, dental masks because of the volume we sell. Med 101 wholesale dental supplies are shipped free of charge, and we never force a minimum order on our customers. Order as much or as little as needed and only shipping our products to a residence is there a small surcharge.


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We can supply a large variety of dental equipment too, but over time we save you thousands of dollars on these highly disposable dental products. Our aim is to deliver the best quality items, efficiently, at prices unparalleled to our competitors. Med 101 is able to offer you Defend dental products at a huge cost savings over your traditional dental suppliers. 




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