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Surgical Masks

Surgical MasksThe Med 101 surgical mask is very often worn by health care professionals during surgery. Recently these face masks are used in the prevention of airborne illness such as swine flu, bird flu, H1N1, and many other potential pandemics. In addition, medical masks should be worn to filter bacteria shed in liquid droplets or various aerosols from the wearer. Med 101 is a leading online seller of surgical face masks for urgent care, and we deliver at wholesale prices. These disposable medical supplies can be shipped free to your home, office, clinic, or anywhere else.

In addition, our simple, inexpensive face masks are commonly worn in heavily populated centers and cities across the country. They help to prevent spreading of the common cold, or flu. More recently, they were widely used in China during the earthquakes, and Mexico to protect citizens from the swine flu pandemic. Med 101 face masks will also be used as bird flu masks if it resurfaces. 

Viral particles are far too small to be effectively filtered by the fibers of a regular medical face mask. Any type of mask will provide some level of protection. The wearer would be less likely to catch a viral disease than someone not wearing a mask at all. Also, a person already infected wearing a mask may reduce his chances of infecting others around him. Masks will catch droplets of fluid expelled during sneezing or coughing by the wearer. Our surgical face masks should be discarded after each use.

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