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Sterilization Pouches

Sterilization Pouches

Sterilization Pouches are an essential disposable medical supply when combating infection. Hospitals use these pouches everyday in their autoclave sterilizers which are used to heat surgical instruments. 

Its important to use the right type of pouch to fit ones needs. Weather dental use or hospital use, one must research the different types of pouches and make sure they meet today's standards for infection control.

The Defend Sterilization Pouch is constructed with a superior design. The functions are the trademarks of these self sealing sterilization pouches by Mydent international. Defend disposable dental sterilizing pouches feature triple sealed seams and strong materials which aid in preventing tears.

Also, these sterilization bags are equipped with a blue, tinted transparent film which assists in the detection of tears should they ever happen. Both the internal and external indicators ensure proper sterilization conditions have been met.

With three separate heat-sealed rails, edges are secure from separation or tearing by medical instruments. Made with medical grade paper that is wet strength treated to meet or exceed medical pouch standards. With a wide self-seal adhesive strip, these sterilization pouches are easily and securely sealed. This provides a very reliable seal until pouch is opened. The perforated fold helps to facilitate easy and accurate folding of the adhesive strip to form an airtight seal until the sterilization pouch is opened.

Dental Offices, Surgery Centers, Hospitals and more use these types of supplies to store surgical instruments during sterilization process in autoclaves. Also they are used for storing medical gauze in a sterile condition after the sterilization has taken place. 

These pouches have edges which are to be sealed to one another by utilizing an adhesive strip. By having a removable liner over the adhesive strip, sealing the pouch prior to sterilization is effortless. Sterilization pouches are essential to Hospitals and medical offices everywhere.

Our type of pouches are manufactured of mostly paper materials which are permeable to gases. However they remain impermeable to microorganisms making them an ideal medical supply. In addition, they feature a transparent plastic film which is both impermeable to gases as well as microorganisms providing the pouches with even greater integrity. 

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