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Sterilization Pouches Wholesale Now Available In Bulk At Med 101

Sterilization PouchesDentists, medical facilities, tattoo artists and beauty salons are all feeling the pinch of the biggest recession in decades. That’s why Med 101 is now offering sterilization pouches at wholesale prices, and including free shipping.

Sterilization Pouches are among the most widely used medical supplies in the health and beauty market, with customers more aware than ever of the need for treatments to be sterile and germ-free, according to Med101store.com principal Joe Giovinco.

And now, the Med101Store has partnered with a new supplier to make sterilization pouches available at their lowest prices ever.

Among the first products developed by Med 101 were their sterilization pouches, Giovinco notes.  Sterilization pouches can be used by anybody with an autoclave or sterilizing machine, but these supplies are disposable and used regularly, which means that they can become a significant expense for business owners if they are not priced correctly, Gionvinco notes.

"We've been looking into manufacturing our own Sterilization Pouches to sterilize our Medical Gauze for years, and finally we found a supplier who had the same quality standards that have made the Med 101 brand so successful", says Giovinco.

Since 2005, www.Med101Store.com, a leading on-line wholesaler for disposable medical supplies and durable medical equipment, has been working directly with manufacturers and health care professionals to cut out the expensive middleman and bridge the gap between buyer and seller.

“The cost savings to the health care industry is important as we move forward to a future where every nickel counts,” Goivinco points out. “Physicians, surgeons, and hospitals look every day to improve their bottom line and stay competitive. Med 101 has been the on line medical supply company that pioneered selling in bulk to save money.”

Because Med 101 has a working knowledge of the disposable medical supplies arena they have been able to provide significant savings to hospitals, dental offices, health care facilities such as nursing homes, assisted living centers, and correctional medical facilities, that use the Defend Plus Self-Sealing Sterilization Pouch which is constructed of a superior design by Mydent international. They feature triple sealed seams made from durable materials which reduce tears. In addition, the sterilization pouches are equipped with a transparent blue film that assists  in the detection of tears in the unlikely event should they happen. They are equipped with both the internal and external indicators, which ensure proper sterilization conditions have been met in the autoclave or sterilizing machine.

To learn more about how Med 101 Store promotes Sealing Sterilization Pouches and other disposable medical supplies, visit www.med101store.com online to read the latest news and company information.


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