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Phlebotomy Chair

Phlebotomy ChairWe wholesale reclining phlebotomy chairs used for drawing blood to many types of healthcare professionals. In addition to our basic, discounted prices on powered phlebotomy chairs, we also provide free shipping and delivery to all medical offices.  A physician will use an extra-tall and extra-wide phlebotomy chair for larger patients.Phebotomy Chairs Also, specialized blood draw stations make our phlebotomy chairs very practical for the doctor and comfortable for the patient. With a slightly angled back, having adjustable arms on the chair provide comfort to the patient. Some of the higher end models are ideal for storing medical supplies while simultaneously providing additional work surface area. A good phlebotomy chair should be comfortable for the patient, and that’s why we sell only the best chairs at the lowest prices to be found anywhere.

 Reclining Phlebotomy Chair

If you are seeking the finest phlebotomy chair at the best price on the market, look no further. Blood Drawing ChairThese reclining chairs have a stable base. The arm rests move with the arm when reclined. Also the electric motor powers the chair to move up and down. The simple keypad control is used to recline, raise, and lower the blood drawing chair. With our simple ordering process we can ship your medical equipment immediately.

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