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Med 101 Allows Medical Staff To Buy Direct and Save 40%

Last December Med 101 Store.com opened its doors and began selling disposable medical supplies direct from the warehouse, an unprecedented move that promises to impact the way medical supplies are purchased in this country.  "With the Internet, a lot of manufacturers like Dell computers have already successfully eliminated the middle man to save the customer money," says Joe Giovinco, President of Med 101, "now we are the first to do it for medical supplies."


As a disposable medical supply wholesaler nationwide, Med 101 Store.com supplies physicians, hospitals, surgery centers, prisons and other facilities with gauze sponges, elastic bandages, disposable face masks, athletic tape, and other health care products at prices lower than other suppliers.  This includes The Fulton County Jail in Georgia.


"We don't want to be the primary medical supplier, we want to be the back-up supplier for disposable medical supplies that are constantly replaced," says Giovinco. "That is where we can have the greatest cost savings impact on the healthcare industry."

Giovinco who remembers playing in his father's medical office supplies everyday after school says he comes from a long line of physicians and understands exactly how important it is to select high quality products.  "My brother and I would sit in my dad's office everyday after school and wrap each other in gauze sponges and elastic bandages. You learn pretty quickly the importance of a quality."


Giovinco later worked as an English teacher at a University in Shanghai before returning to his medical roots and launching Med 101 as an eBay store. After 500 customers, a 100% positive feedback score and a perfect 5-star eBay rating, Giovinco opened his own website, www.med101store.com to similar success.


Online customer reviews also flawlessly praise Med 101 for great value, super-fast delivery and high quality.  Med101store.com principal, Joe Giovinco attributes the company's early and rapid success to its business strategy, to eliminate the middle man and work directly with the client while providing high quality products with fast delivery.


"As Med 101 Store.com grows, the impact on the healthcare industry will add efficiency in delivering high volume Disposable Medical Supplies," Giovinco says.


About Med101Store.com

Through a secure website, Med 101 store.com supplies the healthcare industry with highly demanded products at wholesale prices while maintaining the highest standard of quality and service. They ensure the best quality medical supplies at wholesale prices with their full refund guarantee. They never limit orders and always offer free shipping.

For more information, visit www.med101store.com
Med 101 Supply Company working in Corrections to lower Healthcare Management Costs.
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