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Hospital Beds

Bariatric Hospital BedsWe have Hospital Beds For Sale at Med 101. We always provide Free Shipping, Expert Advice and wholesale prices. Here you can find the best Electric Hospital Beds, Bariatric Hospital Beds, Invacare Hospital Beds, mattresses, frames and so much more!

If your home healthcare equipment situation requires these types of medical devices, then you should check out our complete catalog of Home Medical Supplies. You are in the right place because here you can shop our selection of electric hospital beds for sale including bed accessories such as: hospital bed table, hospital bed rails, adjustable hospital beds and other types of homecare equipment.

Invacare Electric Hospital Beds provide the greatest convenience for both patients and caregivers. With very easy-to-use hand controls, mobility and patient transfer inside the bedroom. They have motors in place to make positioning of the upper body and knees simple and painless. These adjustable electric hospital bed frames are manufactured with the right height for using Invacare Bed Accessories.

Hospital BedsIn addition, we provide Bariatric Hospital Beds, which are slightly wider, yet designed to handle much higher weight capacities. We feature the Invacare Bariatric Hospital Bed because it has a heavy-duty electric bed frame designed for bariatric patients. It also has a weight capacity of 600 pounds making tManual Hospital Bedshis bed ideal for any bariatric requiring this type of home health equipment. In addition, it features a bed frame which extends to the edges of the bed deck for even greater support and patient comfort.

By utilizing the multi-function hand control, both the bariatric patient and caregiver can change the positioning of bed height, head section, as well as the foot section. Setting this bed up is simple and easy regardless of its size.

Shipping is always Free and we provide the best service in the industry. Please browse our selection of Electric Hospital Beds, Bariatric Hospital Beds, Invacare Hospital Beds, and the various accessories that go along with them. Thank you for shopping with us!

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