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Gauze Roll

Gauze-RollThe Med 101 Gauze Roll is a non sterile, strong, durable, and comfortable stretch bandage. The gauze rolls will remain non sterile unless packaged for sterilization in an autoclave. It is ideal for both primary and secondary wound care dressings as they are absorbent. When being used as a primary dressing, the open weave design provides fast wicking absorbency and allows the skin to breath comfortably.

Compared to leading brands, conforming gauze rolls have tightly finished edges to reduce lint. Also more crimps per linear foot increase cushioning and over all comfort to the patient. The bandage stretches and conforms to a variety of patient needs and parts of the body. It performs exceptionally well in burn care applications, which is why so many hospitals, emergency rooms, and urgent care units prefer our gauze rolls to others. Med 101’s Non sterile bandages stretch and conform to those very difficult to reach areas. Securing wound dressings without slipping even in the most difficult areas is a key advantage to this healthcare product.

Available Sizes:

2” x 4.1 yards (96 rolls)

3” x 4.1 yards (96 rolls)

4” x 4.1 yards (96 rolls)

6” x 4.1 yards (48 rolls)

The gauze roll has a special weave which minimizes lint. Also, it ensures controlled compression providing patient comfort. They work perfectly for securing primary dressings as well. Med 101 Conforming Gauze Rolls are an absorbent, non-sterile bandage combining elastic and gauze. This creates a bandage that is useful for edema control and more. Our gauze rolls are also latex free.

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