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Gauze Pads

Gauze Pads are distributed at wholesale prices by our online medical supply company. Disposable medical supplies by Med 101 are medical products used everyday in hospitals, clinics, and medical offices around the world. Our gauze pad is available in different sizes including 8ply, 12ply, and 16ply. Nursing homes, orthopedic clinics, and podiatrist use our gauze sponges to clean and dress a wide variety wounds. The materials used in manufacturing medical gauze include cotton and non-woven fabrics. In addition to its many sizes, plies, and material, 4x4 gauze pads can also be sterile and non-sterile depending on Gauze-Padswhat the caregiver is using it for.

Our medical supply company currently only carries the non sterile version. Also, our 2x2 gauze pads can be considered podiatry supplies, vet supplies, hospital supplies, medical supplies, and orthopedic supplies as they are used across the healthcare industry. We provide the best wholesale bulk medical supplies to healthcare professionals everywhere. Our Med 101 woundcare supplies, aim to achiev maximum absorption which is perfect as a wound care dressing.

These non sterile absorbant sponges have cut edges which are folded in to reduce linting into the wound. This reduces infection, and our medical gauze is absolutely 100% cotton. Also, it comes available in eight standard sizes and plies for use in a variety of situations. Med 101 non sterile pads are an excellent way to add extra absorbency to any wound dressing.

When compared to other leading brands, our gauze have  edges to reduce lint. Also, these sponges can be used to increase cushioning, and over all comfort to the patient's wounds. In addition, it performs exceptionally well when used in burn care dressings.

Looking to Buy Gauze Pads? These disposable medical supplies are used everyday, so they should be purchased in bulk to save money. We wholesale medical gauze by the case to reduce your expenses. We look forward to serving you, and thank you for shopping with us!

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