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Elastic Tape

Elastic TapeMed 101 premium elastic tape is best suited for medium support and compression making this tape ideal for limb support and securing wound dressings. This surgical tape is used by many healthcare professionals, clinics, hospitals, and medical offices. As a disposable medical supply, its durable construction provides strength and stability. As it has superior softness and comfort to the patient or athlete being treated.  This elastic adhesive tape is manufactured from a woven fabric of medium elasticity. The backing helps to conform to the body and it stretches along with the way it moves. Also, these elastic tapes are made with a high twist, cotton elastic cloth and a latex-free hypoallergenic based adhesive. It is used best on pressure dressings that require elasticity.

Elastic medical tape is ideally used a veterinary hospital supply. Horses require large quantities of the 4 inch size rolls. As a bulk medical supply company we wholesale our disposable medical supplies to hospitals across the country. It can also be used as an orthopedic supply for support strapping, fractures, muscle injuries, knees, elbows, shoulders, and post operative wound care. The latex free hypoallergenic backing keeps the patient safe from latex or natural rubber allergic reactions.

Available sizes:

2” x 5 yards 36 rolls/case

3” x 5 yards 24 rolls/case

4” x 5 yards 18 rolls/case

Our premium elastic tapes maintain consistent pressure while holding post operative dressings firmly in place. The elasticity allows the elastic medical tape to conform to any limb on the body without restricting patient movement or blood flow. Having a high cotton content and unique construction design, the tape helps to reduce skin irritation and damage to the incision after surgery.

Elastic adhesive tape is woven from a high-twist cotton yarn. Also, it is combined with a latex-free coated adhesive backing. This surgical tape delivers excellent support, and compression. With unmatched strength and security, this medical tape's elasticity will not restrict body movement. This is the main reason it is ideal to use during athletic activities. Elastic athletic tape is high in strength, and used for mainly for support, orthopedic strapping, pressure dressings, and patient positioning.
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