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Earloop Face Masks Back in Stock

at www.SurgicalMaskStore.com  -- SurgicalMaskStore.com, Offers Surgical Masks at Wholesale Prices


Surgical Mask and Face Mask supply company SurgicalMaskStore.com, which sold out of stock completely during the recent swine flu panic, has restocked with millions of earloop face masks.

The earloop face masks are now available for immediate purchase, and are being sold at among the lowest prices on the market today.

The company also continues to provide free shipping for its earloop facemasks, surgical masks, and all other products, and does not require a minimum order.

"People are becoming more aware of the dangers from airborne diseases and the benefits that facemasks can provide," company founder Joseph Giovinco said. "I want to be able to provide our customers with that protection and that peace of mind, and I want to do it at a price that's affordable for everybody."

With swine flu deaths still being reported on a regular basis, consumers are anxious for ways to lessen the chance of exposure for themselves and their loved ones; many of the swine flu victims have been children or older people in poor health. So far, 97 swine flu deaths have been reported, caused by the new strain of the Influenza A virus.

This caused an international run on face mask supplies, leaving most stores depleted, and those few stores that had remaining stock charging a premium price. At SurgicalMaskStore.com, Giovinco has maintained the ultralow price of 2000 earloop face masks for $199.95, or approximately 10 cents a mask.

There are numerous styles of face masks available at www.SurgicalMaskStore.com, ready for immediate shipment, according to Giovinco.

They also plan to add to their inventory and will be stocking up on the n95 respirator and other face mask in the near future.

Those seeking more information or wishing to purchase facemasks, surgical masks, or other supplies may visit www.SurgicalMaskStore.com.


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