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Disposable Lab Coats

Disposable Lab CoatsDEFEND’s premium quality disposable lab coats have been made to be more comfortable for dental and laboratory professionals. These new coats are now more breathable, while retaining the same fluid-resistance and the knit collar and cuffs they have always had.

Here you can buy wholesale disposable lab coats which are nonflammable, disposable/reusable coats. They feature a front pocket and are designed with very easy-to-use snap closures. The blue disposable lab coat is constructed to fit comfortably on both men and women.





Available in sizes:


Packaged 50/case at this wholesale bulk price with shipping included!

Disposable lab coats (in many cases) are made from a tough, tear-resistant non-woven material. They are also water resistant and will repel most acids and other types of chemicals. They also have a cloth-like fabric which is anti-static and lint free. The best thing about disposable lab coats is that you can through them away after use. Buy Disposable Lab Coats from Med 101 and save big on dental laboratory supplies.

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