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Defend LogoWe wholesale dental supplies online and save medical offices large sums of money on dental products listed on our site. Med 101 provides solutions to rising health care costs by delivering disposable medical supplies online to physician offices everywhere. With a great line of Mydent’s Defend disposable dental supplies, such as gauze pads, dental impression materials dental bibs, sterilization pouches, dental wipes, bite registration material, dental masks and more.  Med 101 offers a fine selection of products at value saving prices along with uncompromising customer service and support.

These dental medical supplies such as lab coats are purchased regularly. Also, the DEFEND brand, is manufactured by Mydent International and distributed in bulk at wholesale prices by Med 101. We carry a broad line of infection control products, disposables and dental impression material systems for many types of medical offices. So browse our dental supplies online to view our medical supply catalog.
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