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Dental Office Supplies

Patient TowelsDefend Dental office supplies are purchased by physician groups every day at the Med 101 website. Mydent dental lab supplies are distributed in bulk at these wholesale prices listed in our online catalog. During these times, dental offices need to save money by cutting costs on their disposable medical products. For this reason, Med 101 provides dental laboratory supplies to various types of labs, and medical offices across the country. Our customers save time and money by ordering from our dental office supply company.

Purchasing managers at physician offices work hard to save money for their practice. This is why Med 101 is dedicated to making their job easier by providing a way to buy in bulk and save big. The Med 101 dental supply company specializes in wholesaling disposable medical supplies that are used daily. This saves physician office groups and labs thousands of dollars every year. Defend products include impression materials, lab coats, dental gauze, dental masks, patient towels bibs, mixing tips and more. Mydent products are manufactured highest quality and Med 101 guarantees your satisfaction in purchasing them from us.
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