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Dental Masks

Dental Face MaskDefend Dental Masks are intended to be used as dental office supplies during examinations, and surgical procedures. This is latest addition to our Dental Mask catalog. These surgical masks meet all criteria for ASTM standards for Moderate Barrier protection. Also we offer molded cone mask which are perfect for dust, airborne particles, moisture, spray and splatter.

Also, these masks should be worn at other times to catch the bacteria shed in liquid droplets and aerosols from the wearer's mouth and nose.  Med 101 is a leading online seller of dental face masks for medical offices. Buy disposable face masks at wholesale prices and bulk quantities on our website. These prices include free shipping* and your payment is always secure.

Dental Masks are available in:
Anti fog Face Masks
Molded Cone Mask
Earloop Masks

Mydent surgical masks are made from non-woven materials, and will reduce the spread of bacteria in aerosols. Apart from protecting the dentist from splashes in the mouth with body fluids, they are also intended to protect others from the spread of the wearer's oral and nasal bacteria.
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