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Dental Impression Material

Our polyvinyl siloxane dental impression material by defend is sold in bulk and available in all viscosities and set types. Med 101 presently offers you Vinyl Polysiloxane impression products by Mydent international. We sell Defend Dental Impression Materials such as dental bite registration material and mixing tips. These dental supplies meet all the right criteria for your office. You saveDental Impression Material by using Med 101 as your dental supply company. This Alginate Impression Material by Defend is provided in bulk packages at huge discounts. This is why wholesale dental supplies consist of this VPS impression material.

Available in:
Light Body
    Regular set
    Fast set
Medium Body
    Regular Set
    Fast Set
Heavy Body
    Regular Set
    Fast Set
    Regular Set

Dental impression materials sold by Med 101 are medical office supplies you need daily at highly discounted wholesale and bulk prices. Other disposable dental supplies used to make impressions are products such as high performance mixing tips, bite registration materials, and more. We are the choice for business conscious dentist desiring to save thousands of dollars a year on these disposable dental supplies.

Med 101 is simple, quick, and efficient. Our prices include shipping to dental offices located in commercial address. Dental supplies purchased online have the best prices and are fantastic because they ship quickly. All you have to do is find the products you want from our catalog, and order your defend Dental Impression Material today!

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