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Cohesive Bandages

Cohesive-BandagesCohesive bandages are support and relief bandages for the prevention of sprains and strains. They are also used to treat hematomas, contusions, dislocations and tendon injuries. The Med 101 cohesive bandage works wonders for wound care supplies. It is also used as a compressive bandage for wound dressings and more. These disposable medical supplies provide even compression when needed.

Cohesive flexible bandages help to support and protect against injury. Our bandages are perfect for securing wound dressings, catheters, as well as cold/heat medical products. A cohesive elastic bandage is also considered to be hospital and surgical supplies. These disposable medical supplies can be easily torn by hand to the exact length needed by the doctor. They will conform to the different contours of the human body. Med 101 cohesive bandages make for an easy application, and will neither slip nor bind to the skin. They stick only to themselves, never to hair.

Available Sizes:

1” x 5 yards 72 rolls/case
2” x 5 yards 36 rolls/case
3” x 5 yards 24 rolls/case
4” x 5 yards 18 rolls/case
6” x 5 yards 12 rolls/case

With this medical product, there is no need for pins, clips or surgical tape. Our medical supplies provide consistent compression to every anatomical structure of the body. Cohesive bandages are lightweight and comfortable to the patient. They are available in a variety of colors such as: red, green, blue, yellow, tan, and white. Wound dressings are held in place without tape or clips because it is an adhesive bandage that only to sticks to itself. These elastic bandages won't stick to hair or skin making them ideal for veterinarian supplies to be used on horses. Our cohesive bandage is made to be porous, lightweight and cool allowing the skin to breath. The cohesive treatment creates a bandage that sticks to itself does not leave excess adhesive residue on skin or hair.
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