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Bulk Medical Supplies

We provide bulk medical supplies to hospitals and physician offices across the country. By purchasing these products in case quantities, we are able to keep the price low. Med 101 distributes highly consumed disposable medical supplies at wholesale prices in bulk. The items in our medical catalog are high quality healthcare products such as elastic bandages, medical gauze, disposable shoe covers, and other surgical supplies.

Our customers understand that purchasing medical supplies in bulk saves them money. Hospitals and large medical groups use our website to deliver these products to multiple locations. We allow for one office manager to order supplies various locations under one account. The Med 101 Bulk Medical Supply Store delivers disposable medical products in large quantities allowing for much lower prices. With an ever growing presence on the internet, our site provides medical supplies online. As the healthcare industry is challenged every day with rising costs, purchasing managers across the country come to our site to save money. Our message is simple, and you will be happy with our bulk medical supplies.
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