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Premium Elastic BandagesOur Elastic Bandages can be used as medical supplies, orthopedic supplies, and wound care supplies. At Med 101 medical supply, we stock a wide variety of medical bandages and other non sterile wound dressings to prevent infection and control bleeding or swelling. Our compression surgical bandages are also non sterile like our gauze roll bandages, medical gauze, and adhesive surgical tape. Patients can also treat wounds by placing a clean cohesive bandage on the incision. If a surgeon has prescribed any special ointments or treatments, they should be applied at this time.

Doctors take the adhesive bandages out of the packaging as instructed. Orthopedic surgeons avoid placing these medical products near unclean surfaces. This helps prevent contaminating the wound dressings that touch the patient’s incision. If the wound has drainage, the doctor may need to use several layers of bandages.

Rubber Elastic BandagesWe wholesale bandages to hospitals, medical offices, and physician clinics nation wide. They are used for protecting wounds and surgical tape is used to secure all four sides into place, or until the bandage is applied. To remove a bandage without inflicting pain to the patient, the surgeon will not pull the medical bandage away from the skin abruptly. Instead, they will pull the skin away from the bandage. This helps to reduce pain by minimizing the process, and is far gentler on the tender skin near the wound.

If the doctor notices redness around the incision, and where the surgical tape rests, it may be possible the patient has sensitivity to the medical tape being used. Surgical paper tape has less adhesive than other types of bandage tapes. However, it doesn’t provide as strong a seal, but should irritate the patient’s skin less. We distribute surgical supplies such as medical gauze, shoe covers, surgical masks, bandages, and other types of disposable medical supplies online.

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