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Adhesive Bandage

Wound care supplies such as our adhesive bandage will protect a cut from friction, germs, damage, dirt, and contamination. This reduces the risk of the wound becoming infected. Surgical supplies promote the healing process of the body by keeping the incision protected. Adhesive bandages are usually made with woven and non woven fabrics.

Elastic adhesive bandages are used for wound care and often have an absorbent gauze pad. This bandage is applied that the gauze sponge covers the wound and supplies protection. This surgical tape does not stick to the wound, and the fabric sticks only to itself. This helps to hold the wound dressing in place and prevent dirt or foreign objects from entering the wound. Adhesive-Bandages

Some newer self adhesive bandages also contain woven strands of elastic strings utilizing the natural rubber properties. A surgical bandage consisting of a medical dressing with a plain absorbent gauze pad is held in place surgical tape coated with adhesive.

Available Sizes:
1” x 5 yards 72 rolls/case
2” x 5 yards 36 rolls/case
3” x 5 yards 24 rolls/case
4” x 5 yards 18 rolls/case
6” x 5 yards 12 rolls/case

Medical supplies are distributed by the Med 101 online supply store. We wholesale these disposable medical products in large quantities to hospitals around the country. Our surgical supplies such as elastic adhesive bandages, surgical tape, and wound care supplies deliver unmatched strength and quality. The elasticity allows it to conform to the many body contours without restricting blood flow or movement. The special construction helps reduce skin irritation and allergies. Adhesive elastic bandages are a non-woven type of bandage that provides light to moderate compression. This is done while delivering the same quality features as our cohesive bandages making them perfect hospital supplies.
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