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Wholesale Sterilization Pouches Sold by Med 101 Offer Significant Cost Savings

Sterilization PouchesSterilization Pouches are used in a wide range of offices and settings, from nail salons to dentist’s offices to hospitals, where the prevention of infection is absolutely essential.  Sterilization pouches are vital to infection control, which protects the health of businesses’ clients and also protects the business from potential lawsuits that could be incurred if infection takes place.

Sterilization pouches are designed to facilitate the proper introduction and evacuation of sterile gases or steam, in order to ensure that the contents are free of any microorganisms when properly sterilized.  Thereafter, they protect the contents from airborne contamination, until such time as they are used.  

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Sterilization Pouches Wholesale Now Available In Bulk At Med 101

Sterilization PouchesDentists, medical facilities, tattoo artists and beauty salons are all feeling the pinch of the biggest recession in decades. That’s why Med 101 is now offering sterilization pouches at wholesale prices, and including free shipping.

Sterilization Pouches are among the most widely used medical supplies in the health and beauty market, with customers more aware than ever of the need for treatments to be sterile and germ-free, according to Med101store.com principal Joe Giovinco.

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Med 101 Announces New Line of Wholesale Dental Supplies

Offering wholesale dental office supplies such as sterilization pouches, dental impression materials and dental saliva ejectors.


Med 101 is pleased to announce their line of high quality disposable dental supplies, which are available at www.med101store.com, at wholesale prices.

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Earloop Face Masks Back in Stock

at www.SurgicalMaskStore.com  -- SurgicalMaskStore.com, Offers Surgical Masks at Wholesale Prices


Surgical Mask and Face Mask supply company SurgicalMaskStore.com, which sold out of stock completely during the recent swine flu panic, has restocked with millions of earloop face masks.

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New Website ElasticBandageStore.com

Elastic BandagesElasticBandageStore.com, Offers Elastic Bandages at Wholesale Prices

PEACHTREE CITY, Ga., May 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Medical supply company Med 101 announces the launch of their new website ElasticBandageStore.com, a site specializing in selling elastic bandages and elastic bandage wraps at wholesale prices.

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Med 101 Allows Medical Staff To Buy Direct and Save 40%

Last December Med 101 Store.com opened its doors and began selling disposable medical supplies direct from the warehouse, an unprecedented move that promises to impact the way medical supplies are purchased in this country. 
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Gauze king announces increase in Corrections sales

Med101store.com, a leading supplier of disposable medical supplies, announced an increase in Corrections sales, as agencies like Fulton County Jail in Georgia are discovering the benefit of warehouse direct medical supplies.
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